Monday, May 02, 2005

Students' Wishlist for Internet Usage

A few days back I had a discussion with Dean Planning. During the discussion he asked me to prepare a wishlist for the internet users. This would become the foundation for the future internet users' policy. Today I have sent him the draft of the wishlist. I have mentioned the following points in the wishlist.

We want access to:
  • Sites relevant to academics e. g. online libraries, journals, institutes/universities, government information sites etc.
  • Search engines
  • Personal communication: Email and messaging facilities for private purpose. Messaging may include chat sessions, IRC, newsgroups, electronic conferences.
  • E-banking and e-trading sites approved by RBI.
  • Online newspapers available worldwide.
  • Official portals of engineering and software companies.

We would like to have access to:

  • Sites related to legal affairs, finance, web-directories, online encyclopedias, job search, travel, photography and other hobbies, wildlife, art, religion, literature, e-shopping, maps and geographical information, history, movies/theatre/entertainment, health and fitness, online contests, etc.
  • Sites facilitating personal communication e. g. for email and egroups, blogspots, online greeting cards, online diary etc. (IF NOT PROVIDED BY THE INSTITUTE).
  • Sports news sites.

We also would like to have access to:

  • Live updates of scores of Cricket and other sports.
  • Live telecast from News and Sports channels through internet.

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