Saturday, November 06, 2010

'Why not study ethnobotany' by Clem Starck

Poetry by Clem Starck, photo credit by Carla Perry.

“Why not study ethnobotany,
or practice juggling?
I could learn to read Chinese, and start in
on the ten thousand poems extant
of Lou You.
It’s unlikely I’ll take up blacksmithing,
or become a backhoe operator.
For the time being
I think I’ll just concentrate
on finding the words
for the mist that rises from
the fields in the morning,
or the moon
as seen once from Joel’s truck
on the way home from a job in Corvallis.”
- Clem Starck

Weather - Cycle JAL hitting Tamilnadu coast on Sunday evening

Cyclone JAL will cross Indian coast on Sunday evening. It is expected to hit coastal line around state capital, Chennai, within two to three hours after 11.30 pm on Sunday (07/11/2010). Before reaching the coastline, if it follows the path predicted by IMD, it would have traveled around 500 km of ground distance or 270 knots. The above snapshot shows the predicted path. The cyclone is expected to slow down and shed its severity after travelling a few hundred kilometers in-land.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Google's diplomacy over India's political map

This is a snapshot of Google Analytics page for this blog. There is has been an increased visitors' activity due to Diwali time. Most visits are coming from the google search for diwali greetings. But real point of this post is a little different. Analytics shows two different maps for India! Map of Southern Asia has India's map in the 'American way' whereas map of India alone (after zooming in) shows the map in 'Indian way' at least from India. I would like to know if it is the same from locations outside India. I will be thankful if somebody stationed abroad can throw some light on this.