Thursday, May 26, 2005

Suggestions received

Antony has asked why SBI doesn't give checkbook to students getting stipend. This matter should be discussed with SBI Branch Manager. I can imagine that he is going to say that as per the guidelines of the bank a student can not open a regular/salary account even if he gets stipend in thousands. But to begin with the followup I should start from this Manager only.

Another point suggested by a resident of Sharavati is that during the examination time boys and girls may want to study together in nights; more so UG students as MS and PhD students have their laboratories to study. The library is closed at twelve in the night and so they are seen studying in front of hostel, especially Sharavati. This can be avoided if a study hall is provided and kept open overnight. This sounds fair. I should discuss this with DoS.

In the afternoon I found a piece of egg shell in veg biryani. Unfortunately it was the dish that I had ordered. When I reported this the superviser he said that this happens and a little can be done about it and he would ask the cooks to take care in future. I know that he was trying to fool me. He said that he had fired the cook. But his statements "this is not a five star hotel and there a a huge crowd to handle and this can not be avoided" were totally unacceptable. I had to warned him against his attitude. Let's hope that theydon't repeat these type of mistakes.

When coming from a dinner at Gujarati Mandal in Savakar Peth we missed the last bus at ten and we had to walk from the main gate upto GC. On the way, Rajani asked about the recent activities of SCAI. It was really a thought provoking discussion. I should discuss this again with Satheesh and Parikshit. Possibly should call for a meeting and discuss how this activity can be kept alive.

While walking, I found many of the street lights were not switched on. It gives rise to the doubt if there is any mechanism for maintenance of street lights or not. The whole stretch of Delhi Avenue was in dark upto the stadium. Incidently all the stretch from stadium upto GC eventhough poorly but was illuminated. If the Director from the entrance of his official residence looks to the left and then to the right, he will find everything all right!

There are many other places which are poorly illuminated and are neglected. According to CSO, Security Section has conducted a survey and has submitted the report to the Estate Office. I have asked a copy of the report more thant two weeks back and have reminded about the same many times. So far I am not successfull in getting that copy. Anyway I have planned to conduct a survey for street illumination by myself soon.

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