Friday, May 20, 2005

Webpages for students and Message Boards

At around 4:30 pm we had a meeting with Prof GS, website I/C. Student INW I/C, Arun accompanied me. Actually I wanted Guru also to be present during the discussion but he could not make it to the meeting.

GS took us quickly through the ICE site. We discussed about the possible changes in the Institute website and also Smail. I found GS very open for any good suggestion. It's a very good sign. We should start updating the website as soon as possible. Arun will start writing some programs required for making ICE useful for students also. He will also search a suitable software for message boards for various student communities. He with other I/Cs will also look into modality of providing individul webpages for every student. There is no problem from availability of hardware. I have suggested that a student should be able to read his emails, to post messages on Message Boards, to modify his webpages and to access ICE through a single login and password.

It was a quite long but quite fruitful discussion. After arrival of Bhushan this team of three will accelerate this work. Let's see how these things work out!

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