Monday, May 23, 2005

Something about INW and NEWS

On 20th May Guru had gone to donate plates, if plates is the right work I want to use. 2 and a half litre blood was taken out of his body and later injected back after extracting RBC or WBC. He came to lab but started feeling weak. So he retired to his room. Thus could not make it for the meeting with GS. Anyway before reaching GS's office we had called his lab and knew these details.

Only today I could see him in the dining hall. After dinner I briefed him about all the four points (SMAIL audit, website audit, individual webpages and ICE). Now he should contact Arun and decide the plan of action.

After this I thought about visiting Ganga. At the entrance found Mama and Pritam. Took Mama with me in the hostel. Had a look at the food being served. Then on the way of return, informed Mama about the idea of transcribing the students' constitution. He as the NEWS I/C will get it done in two weeks. This transcribed copy will be given to DoS for attestation and then will be published on institute's website. Making the constitution available to students will be the first step in its revision.

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