Monday, May 30, 2005

Visiting cards

Received an email from Office of DoS saying that my visiting cards are ready.

Then in the afternoon, Prof Ganesan introduced me to Mr Venu Gopal, Sr Mgr of an event management company. Mr Venu Gopal had come to check the possibility of getting some venue for the Ford India's event comprising of test drive with rally drivers (one of them is Mr Nanjappa), exhibition of its cars/SUVs and a music show. Considering the endangered animals residing in our campus, I thought it was never going to be a good idea to give venue for them. Again considering the brand value associated with the institute's name it would not be wise idea. He anyway during discussion mentioned about partial sponsership for some of our events. I requested Prof Ganesan to forward his letter to DoS. I called DoS and informed him about Mr Venu and later directed Mr Venu to DoS.

Then met Cocurricular Adviser to submit bills and decided to reach Office of DoS. Collected the visiting cards and had word with DoS both about Calladai Motors and about Mr Venu's proposal. His views concurred with those of mine.

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