Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diwali greetings

As I am living through the morning of Diwali (Deepavali), I can't help but remember again and again the conversation I had with my father on the Diwali eve three years ago. While discussing about the festivals and their possible origins, he also talked about the Diwali. He said, "Like a little lamp lightens its little surroundings, a row of little lamps lightens a larger surroundings. Similarly an human being can lighten his surroundings; whereas an organised act - metaphor to numerous lamps organised in rows - can enlighten the universe." I couldn't agree less! I spent almost a week with him, a complete one without any other disturbance. What I mean by disturbance is that I was left with little energy to leave home, mainly to meet friends or for aimless wandering, due to high fever. The week later turned out to be my last acquaintance with him. All the while during Diwali I was cursing the fever. After that Diwali, I could only thank that 'untimely' fever which left me with my father's company!

I probably got deviated from what I really wanted to write. I logged in in order to wish all a happy, prosperous and safe Diwali. :-) I clicked the photograph in the greeting, which I have posted below, last evening after we placed lamps in front of our house at Ichalkaranji. The lamp is put on the back of a little earthen camel beautifully decorated with silk clothing, strings and a tiny bell around its neck. I hope the readers will like it. I have borrowed the message from the greeting sent by my friend Shri Jayant Pethe. I thank him for the greeting.

With this thought and also with the thought of a lamp spreading light to its surroundings, I sign off.


  1. Very Impressive Prasad. There is no doubt that you are a wonderful photographer but above all the things you write are something only a good human being can write. The soul has to be pure to come with pure thinking and to have an eye to see pure things. As usual, we feel proud to be as a friend to a great human being like you. Keep it up and wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali and a very prosperous new year.

  2. :) Thanks for appreciating. All efforts are towards making it a confederation of good human beings!


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