Sunday, August 08, 2010

Some misconceptions needing to be clarified

A friend of mine posted a news article stating Julia Roberts, an actress in the west, started following Hinduism. Well, that was nice. Each one has a right to follow his or her beliefs. There was a mixed response from netizens to Ms Robert's decision.  At least that's what it is reported till the date. I read through initial few comments below the articile. I found one interesting query. It was apperant that the author was trying to ridicule Hinduism on some counts. His comment read,
Please, can Julia or someone else tell me what I need to believe to become a Hindu. I am interesed. Also, tell me what caste I will be designated to, which god I should follow, can I marry more women if I chose to follow Krishna, is it possible to please god by giving them sweets...
There was response from others for this comment. And I can't say that it was all kind. Anyway, I thought that this is a person who represents a whole world which is trying to understand Hinduism but is not giving its best shot and, in the end, is getting confused. A confused person can never talk sense however honest his or her intentions be. Effectively, such person points fingers at 'the flaws'. Half baked cookies - I'd rather say half-baked wisdom! The above comment falls precisely in this category. Such a person needs to be taken into confidence and told, re baba, there are things in Hindu way of life which need thinking, which need application of rational thoughts; and at the same time there is a world, which is trying to ridicule Hinduism out of sheer ignorance, and it deserves an explaination.

An explaination which has some simple answers to the questions hurled like those in the above comment. Those simple answers could be the following.
  • You need to believe that you can think and you can 'think and act' constructively. This religion allows you to think.
  • Your caste will depend upon which work you will take up as your jeevan dharma hereafter.
  • You may be asked to follow even your parents as elements of the God. And you may have to do that.
  • If you choose to follow Krishna, you'll be asked to study his life and deeds. And you yourself will change your mind and will decide to marry only one good woman. Even otherwise, Law won't allow you to marry more than one woman. You're following Krishna; so what?
  • You may not be able to please God/Gods by giving him/them sweet, nor meat!
Pleasing Gods is not so easy. It doesn't take any doctrine to prove this. Look how this gentleman's harmless but mindful comment has offended many. It makes me think how can he even think of pleasing the God!

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