Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Visit to Office of DoS

Visited Office of DoS to know about the info-brochure from Tata. I found that it was posted on the DoS notice board not HSB. Rajesh also wanted to print VCs, a part of preparation for his visit to MIT next month. Rajendran was kind to make arrangements for that. We appreciated his gesture very much. Any was Rajesh will bear the expenses involved in printing his VC. There itself we prepared layout and gave to Rajendran.

Former GS was to return the cellphone yesterday, but so far he has not done. He must be still busy in his BTP. Office of DoS will give him a reminder for the phone and also for the camera.

From the office, I spoke to CSO and requested him to send a copy of Street Illumination Report to me. He has assured to arrange it tomorrow. He will deliver the copy to the office.

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  1. It is a relly nice..!! Keep it up..


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