Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lectures by eminent speakers for the next year

India Today people visited our campus in the morning. DoS had passed the message to me but it seems that it did not reach to me. Any way came to know from somebody else. It's quite strange that India Today people wanted to take pictures of students entering the class, attending lectures, reading in library, and what not. This is vacation time. Most students have gone home. No classes going. Still they wanted us to arrange some students so that they can take photos. Never the less their purpose was noble. They were collecting information about academics and students' life in order to publish some article. Today morning some students were gathered in the job was accomplished.

My VC sample was sent. It looks alright. I have okayed it with some minor changes it it. Mostly I will get it on Monday. Rajesh's VC sample also is ready. I called him to have look. He will call the printer if he wants any change.

In the evening, after waiting for almost two hours EML team had the first meeting with DoS. DoS has suggested many names and also has informed that already three speakers have agreed to come in next semister and we have to fix the schedule for two as one speaker's lecture is already decided on 18th August. The fourth is also fixed in form of Mrs Padmasree Warrior but we have to see that she schedules her India visit cosidering our academic calender. It should not happen that she comes here in December when we will have vacation. This year onwards we will videograph all EMLs and we are given permission to get a handicam for this job. So far so good! The meeting has helped in a long way in increasing morale of EML team members right in the beginning.

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