Friday, April 29, 2005

Mail to Registrar about the allotment of quarters to students

Subject: Allotment of quarters to students

Fri, April 29, 2005 2:51 pm

After I spoke to you two days back, I spoke to Shri Somsekhara (Research Affairs Secretary for 2004-05). He informed me that in the meeting held on 15th April it was decided that vacant quarters would be allotted to Research Scholars. He was not specific which quarters were considered under this. Anyway from this time onwards Shri Arun Prasad (PhD Scholar from DoMS) will be attending these meetings in his capacity of Research Affairs Secretary for 2005-06).

I am informed that the last date for the applications by employees is extended to this month-end. Research Scholars have started feeling that if Estate Office really wants to allot the quarters under consideration to Students (Research Scholars) as this is happening over and again.

Sincere request to look into the matter.

Best regards

Dear Arun (RAS)

Kindly study the matter to check whether the claim by Research Scolars, to get these quarters in case they remain vacant after last date of notice, is appropriate or not. You may please ask Somasekhara for the minutes of previous meetings. In case the students are entitled to get vacant quarters then please do the followup as it will solve problem of at least a few students who stay with their family.

With best regards

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Subject: Allotment quarters for students

Tue, April 26, 2005 11:23 am

Some research scholars have approached me regarding the allottment of quarters for senior category. There are some blocks which are made open to employees of the Institute. Many of these blocks are usually left unoccupied as less number of employees apply for that. In such case these blocks are allotted to the students from the seniority list prepared by Estate Section.

I am told that many of these blocks are left unoccupied as, despite many notices, employees have not applied for them and they are not allotted to the students also (in past more than one year). Last date of the latest notice given to employees in the same relation was yesterday, 25th April 2005.

Kindly look into the matter so that students can be allotted these vacant blocks.

With best regards

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