Thursday, May 26, 2005

Case with Rosin Rammler distribution

When the SMD variation at various planes is plotted, it can be noted that for ID 60 micron and B1 values of 25 and 35, one can not get any particular trend. For ID 45 micron and B1 15 SMD reduces from around 166 micron to 55 micron. Rest of the combinations do not show any significant variation in SMD. It is also observed that, for a particular ID, SMD reduces with reducing value of B1.

Presently a case with Rosin-Rammler diameter distribution is used for specifying initial diameters. The case is started on tuesday afternoon. As the number of particles injected in one timestep is very large compared to cases with constant ID, the solution is very slow. Prediction upto 6 ms is expected to be over by friday afternoon.

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