Monday, May 30, 2005

Submitted bill for repairs of Pentax Cameras

As decided, I had called Cocurricular Adviser but he did not lift the phone. Any way it was difficult for me too to meet him Saturday morning. Then I called him in the afternoon and took appointment of 4 pm.

His first sentence was, "I didn't know that, like BTechs, PhD Scholars are also irresponsible!" I replied, "You have the right to say that". Then he said in a changed tone, "Good... that you don't deny it.. good." :)

Anyway coming to the point; I submitted the cash reciept of Rs 4050 for camera repairs to him. He has said that it would take three weeks to pay additional Rs 550 back to me as he will be away for two weeks and can pay me only after he comes back. It is anyway all right to me.

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