Tuesday, October 14, 2014

पिल्लू माझं करतंय काय...

पिल्लू माझं करतंय काय
ओठांचा चंबू गालांची साय
हेलिकॉप्टर होते हातांचेे
पायांचा रेटा सोसते माय

पिल्लू माझं करतंय काय
मायेच्या कुशीत बसून हळूच
दोन्ही हातांच्या मुठी वळीत 
मच् मच् दुद्दू पितच जाय

पिल्लू माझं करतंय काय
मायेच्या मांडीवर थोपटून घेईत
मनातल्या मनात गाणी म्हणीत
लुकलूक डोळे करीतच -हाय

पिल्लू माझं करतंय काय
निळ्या निळ्या पाळण्यात झोके घेईत 
हवेत पायांची सायकल चालवीत 
हाताची बोटे चाखत जाय

पिल्लू माझं करतंय काय
आईचे बोट घट्ट धरीत 
हळू हळू अलगद डोळे मिटीत
बाबांच्या स्वप्नात धावत जाय, बाबांच्या स्वप्नात धावत जाय...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

वृंदावनी वेणू वाजे

vrndaavani veNu vaje
वृंदावनी वेणू वाजे
veNu = flute
Someone is playing flute at Vrundavan.

veNu kawaNaa samayi vaaje...
वेणू कवणा समयी वाजे...
For whom is he playing flute?

veNu naad gowardhanu gaaje...
वेणू नादे गोवर्धनु गाजे ...
The melody of his flute has enveloped the whole mountain Gowardhan.

puccha pasaruna mayura viraje
पुच्छ पसरुनी मयूर विराजे
Peacock has spread his train of feathers

maja paahaata bhaasati yaadava raaje...
मज पाहता भासती यादवराजे...
I am so mesmerized by the flute that even in those brilliantine feathers I see only Shri Krishna.

truNa chaaraa chaaru visaralee
तृण चाराचरू विसरली
It's not only me who is lost. Listening to music, cow has given up grazing.

gaayi vyaaghra eka Thaayi jhaale...
गाई व्याघ्र एकठायी झाली...
Not only that she is now standing with a tiger who too has forgotten his original nature and is intently listening to the melody.

pakShee kuLe niwanta raahilee
पक्षीकुळे निवांत राहिली
Birds are not cawing nor chirping nor screeching.

vaira bhaava samuLa visaralee...
वैरभाव समूळ विसरली...
They all have left animosity, hatred past them. Such is the effect!

dhwani manjuLa manjuLa umaTatee
ध्वनी मंजुळ मंजुळ उमटती
Sound in air is so sweet to ears.

waakee ruNuzuNu ruNuzuNu waazatee...
वाकी रुणूझुणू रुणूझुणू वाजती...
वाकी are making delicate sound.
वाकी is an ornament worn on arm. It makes sound when arm is moved.

deva vimanee baisonee stuti gaatee
देव विमानी बैसुनी स्तुती गाती
From sky, God(s) watching the scene at Vrindavan is (are) singing Shri Krishna's praise. Only he has been able to do this all I am witnessing!

bhaanudaasaa Thaawalee prem bhakti...
भानुदासा ठावली प्रेमभक्ती...
Now that I have seen all this improbable, I, Bhanudas, have learnt what the loving devotion is.

Also watch this video. It too gives meaning with the original song.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

LADY by Lionel Richie

Lady, I'm your knight in shining armor and I love you
You have made me what I am and I'm yours
My love, there's so many ways I want to say I love you
Let me hold you in my arms forever more

There were days when we were close
Just to be ignorant that we chose
All around I kept looking for you
You were there, but I never knew

You have gone and made me such a fool
I'm so lost in your love
And oh, we belong together
Won't you believe in my song?

Lady, for so many years I thought I'd never find you
You have come into my life and, made me whole
Forever let me wake to see you each and every morning
Let me hear you whisper softly in my ear

In my eyes I see no one else but you
There's no other love like our love
Oh yes, I'll always want you near me
I've waited for you for so long

Oh, Lady, your love's the only love I need
And beside me is where I want you to be
'cause,'cos, my love, my love, there's somethin' I want you to know
You're the love of my life, of my life, you're my lady
You're my lady

Thursday, November 10, 2011

No sun's too bright for you

Look above up in the sky
Greater heights there do lie
Bother you not from the dark eye
Never give up but apply
Still are there things to do
No sun's too bright for you

*** ***

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hasat raha

हसत रहा

हातावर हात ठेवून, गुडघ्यावर डोकं ठेवून
मिटलेल्या त्या डोळ्यांच्या, आडून जरा हसत असता

लपलेल्या अश्रूंनी, आणि बंद ओठांनी
 आतली ती मूक व्यथा, दबकत सांगत असता

तुला असं वाटतं का, दु:ख असं दाटतं का
कलंडलेल्या बरणीतलं पीठ, जमिनीवर साठतं का

दाटलं तर दाटून दे, साठलं तर साठून दे
उरातला कढ आता, गोठतोय तर गोठून दे

गोठलेल्या कढाचा आपण छान आलेपाक करू
नाहीतर घालून चिंच नि गूळ, त्याचा लालीपाप करू

तरीही जर कललेलं उन्ह, डोळ्यांना तुझ्या सुखवत नाही
पश्चिमेचा थंड वारा, रुसलेली कळी खुलवत नाही 

तर, मग मात्र असं कर, कागदाची एक होडी कर 
घरातून बाहेर पड पण, होडी जरा जपून धर

चालत रहा चालत रहा, नदीवरच्या पुलाकडे पहा
चालत रहा चालत रहा, पुलावरून नदीकडे पहा

आता पुन्हा चालू लाग, गाठ पुलापलीकडचा भाग
पाण्याकडे पहात पाय-या, घाटावरच्या उतरू लाग

पाण्यामध्ये पाय टाकून, मनाला कसे भिजून दे 
आता होडी हातात घे, आणि पाण्यामध्ये सोडून दे

होडी पाण्यात तरंगू लागेल, लाटांमध्ये डुलू लागेल
नव्या मैत्रिणींबरोबर, गुजगोष्टी करू लागेल

मग एक लाट अशी येईल, होडीला बरोबर नेईल
जाणा-या होडीकडे पहात रहा, गालातल्या गालात हसत रहा

*** ***

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Leh Ride Route

View Chandigarh - Leh - Khardung La - Leh in a larger map
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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Leh Ride preparations

There is a news from my side. Bike ride to Leh-Ladhakh region is on cards. As per the latest revision in the travel plan, the ride will begin on 11 June from Delhi. We plan to have three bikes. One Bullet Machismo 2003 model, one Standard Bullet 1986 model and one Bajaj Discover. The bullets were booked at Chennai Central this afternoon for transportation to Delhi . We expect them to be loaded in a suitable train on Sunday. The bikes will reach Delhi (station code - NDLS) by Wednesday. The discover will be sent to NDLS from Aurangabad on Monday, June 6. The discover is kept ready for transportation.

The bullets needed some repair work, which was done at Royal Enfield's factory owned service station in Thiruvanmiyur. The bikes were taken for repairs on 14 May after some ten day's of waiting. The service station returned the bikes, one on June 2 and one on June 3 after a lot of persuasion, cajoling and eventually after applying some pressure from the top. A few issues which were left unnoticed by REL service station were addressed till the morning of June 4, which is the date today. The rim replacements for Standard'86 was completed at 2.30 am this morning and at last both bikes came into our possession, together.

We, Shri Vidyadhar Tagade and myself went for an early morning ride to Mahabalipuram. Total riding of around 100 km was a blessing as we were running short of time. We still found front fork oil leakage on my bike, which we managed to get rectified at REL service station en route Chennai Central. The culprit turned out to be the loosely tightened screw. There was also an effort to tune the Standard'86's carburettor. Thus were over our pre-tour preparations of the bikes. Ideally we would have like to have the bikes repaired at least four days in advance before dispatch so that we could test them enough to have a good confidence level.

Never the less, the day has been fruitful otherwise. The two bikes have been handed over to Railway Parcel Office at Chennai Central. This matches perfectly with our plan. As per the original plan, we were looking for sending them to Chandigarh but found out today that the direct train runs only on Thursdays which wouldn't have suited our schedule. Upon knowing this, unanimously it was decided that the bikes would be sent to NDLS thus adding a few more kilometers to our desired odometer reading! We are only too happy to ride the extra distance.

Sending of the bikes would not be so hassle free without help from Shri Kannan Dhanushkodi and my friend Kumar, both natives of Tamilnadu. Among the two, Kannan will travel with us all along in a utility vehicle which will be hired from Chandigarh. The hiring arrangements are done in advance. But we might end up in getting a friend's Innova after actually reaching Chandigarh.

I have managed to take snaps of Machismo but I could not manage it for Standard'86 due to scarcity of time. Will upload them once we get the bikes in Delhi.

Bullet Machismo 2003

Shri Vidyadhar Tagade and Shri Kannan Dhanushkodi

Veiled Machismo

Veiled Standard'83