Thursday, June 30, 2005

Read Something About My Reseach This Time!

One will certainly think (if at all anybody has gone through my blog) from my posting last couple of months that this guy writes that he is a doctoral student but shows no signs of being one; does he do some thing for his research project! The other may feel that is he really doing doctorate! Even when I read through

Anyway now I am decided to write at least a few lines about what I have been doing and just yesterday what I have achieved. The word achieved sounds to be quite a big word. May be I should say I should share the results I have obtained yesterday.

Two months back I arrived at some values of model constants in droplet breakup models. Two weeks back we set a case simulating a complete gas turbine combustor for aircraft cruising conditions. We used the methodology which I have made myself familiar with and the constants I had found out. After some fine tuning we have realised that the simulation has started returning some encouraging results like SMD of 65 micron at the atomiser exit which is close to the experimental value of 60 micron. This is a real time simulation. By saying that I mean, we simulate the the flow when we start injecting fuel at time = zero microsecond and then at interval of every 25 microsecond we find the situation inside the combustor. This we study by taking snapshots of various properties of mixture like fuel species concentration, mixture temperature, concentration of species created after burning starts etc.

As the memory requirement and computations involved is huge, such simulation excercise takes a lot of time to do the calculations. In my case simulate a time step of 25 micro second our computer takes around 45 minutes. At present we have reached to 3.125 mili second. We had a break to take a stock of the situation and to see whether we confirm to the measured SMD at atomiser exit. My guide needs to present these results before a project review committee at Bangalore. Thus since last two days we are extracting the data from the result files stored at a particular interval. Data extraction is over just at five am this morning. Presently I am analysing the data.

Somebody has said, 'Research is all about patience and positive thinking without loosing the sight from the ground reality.'

Anyway why to say somebody has said that.. it's only me who just brought out that brilliant quote from my mind. Again... somebody has said that you are never to tell others that your quote is yours; saying 'somebody has said' makes it more impressive.

Interesting enough!!

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