Wednesday, June 29, 2005

First Gymkhana Meeting

Gymkhana Management Committe meeting was held at the Office of DoS. This committee overviews functioning of the all organisations instituted to take care of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of students and also staff and their families. These activities include sports, cultural and hobby club events. This also governs technical festival Shaastra and cultural festival Saarang. Few noteworthy points disussed/informed were
  • Installation of BOSE sound system in SAC this month
  • Proposed partitioning and installing air conditioner in bowl area of SAC
  • Introduction of Squash as a demo event in Sports Calender and proposal to build Squash Room
  • Reorganising Hobby Club by encompassing discrete but well functioning groups like Scrabble Club, HAM Club (this dormant), Astronomy Club

DoS mentioned about the scoreboard that was build by our students. It is not functioning well at present. I need to look into what has gone wrong. Anyway I know the students who were involved in this work.

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