Monday, June 27, 2005

First BAR meeting of academic year

I requested RAS to meet fifteen minutes before Board of Academic Research (BAR) meeting in order to discuss about any issue to be raised. In this meeting nothing much was there for agenda with students participation. I anyway saught some clarification from DoAR about student exchange programs and MoU with other universities and research institutes.
  • I was told that DAAD funds students completely making it an unique program.
  • I talked about participation of MS and PhS scholars in such program as it is very mearge at present.
  • DoAR said that some content from MoUs can be put up on the website and he will soon hand over the details to us. RAS has to collect from him.
  • I was told that MS scholarship can not be revised as it is decided by MHRD.
  • I was also told that PhD scholarship is continued for one year beyond stipulated four years but amount is only half of the regular scholarship. It was told that this decision has been taken two - three months back. But in my knowledge no any official announcement is made by Academic Office.

Anyway after we came out Arun said that he wanted to talk about new placement wing for research scholars. I tested him by asking some questions which he answered reasonably. Anyway it was a good idea which I too had conceived since long. For reasons best known to him he did not raise it in the meeting. I have asked him to make a write his proposal clearly on paper so that this idea can be discussed further. Hope he will do it soon.

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