Thursday, September 14, 2006

Photograph of the day - Nature series (The Spider)

The photo on left was taken at the Dutch Fort itself. The tiny spider had climbed on the sunglasses I had kept on ground. Combination of green grass, green glass and the reflection of the sky in the glass was tempting enough to give it a try.

Later when I was going through all the photographs taken, along with my friends, Vivek and Gaurav, we came up with one improvised version which is the photograph on the right side. The original photograph serves the purpose of showing the excitement of photographer but viewer keeps feeling that size of the spider in the photo is very small and there are other unnecessary things like the small branch on the left side, the date that too in red letters. Then this photo was cropped closely from all sides. In the new photo the spider occupies a signifcant area in the centre of the photo thus making itself the sole object of the photo. Moreover this photo gives enough hint about the existance of sunglasses. The second picture clearly shows that the spider was well focussed in the original photograph.

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