Monday, September 11, 2006

Befriending the Nature

Images captured at the Ruins of Dutch Fort in Sadras. This place is 60 km southward from Chennai.

Camera used: Sony Cybershot DSC-H1 5.1 mega pixel, 12x optical zoom

I feel that there is a lot of space in the right side fo the flowers and on the left the leaf is cropped. Equal space on both side of the object was desired. But when taking picture the bush was shaking due to breeze.

I was expecting a more blurred background. Perhaps a snap from a lower angle will have the background grass distanced from the honeybee and the flower and it will give the desired 3D effect. But then... honeybee may have to wait till you find the right angle!

These butterflies made me run beind them for about fifteen minutes. When they saw me crawling on the ground - I'm assuming that they saw me despite their 'business' - perhaps taking pity on me, they settled on a small branch of grass and I could catch this moment.

All the images are taken in macro mode. This mode allows you to take your camera as close as 20 mm from the object. This way the object relatively looks larger to the lense. As the camera is to be focussed at a very short distance in this mode, every thing in the background of the object becomes defocussed or blurred giving the main object an virtual elevation normal to the plane of the image. This effect also is called as the 3D effect. Camera was set on centre weighted focus and ISO200.

Many thanks to Amol for lending his camera for this excercise.

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