Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Leap of Faith

Click on sketch to see a larger image.
This pencil sketch, The Leap of Faith, is inspired from a photograph found at and an ignited mind. A 0.5 mm HB pencil is used for this work. Interestingly, eraser was not used while sketching as it was not available at that hour of the night. It took around two hours to give it a final look. The image presented here is a digitally processed scanned image of the original sketch.

Please note, the leap portrayed here is truely a leap of faith, not a suicidal attempt. Actually it is a leap taken from a tall cliff into the deep waters of sea. One may say that it is a calculated risk taken by the leaper.


  1. Dear Prasad ji....
    its great ....great sketch.....after long time again i realise power of art.......wt ever we like we need to do from deep inside of heart( this massage i realise aftr reading ur effort to skecth it).....................thank you for giving inspiration to junta like me....................


  2. Power of art it tremendous, especially for expression of one's self. I am happy to know that the sketch is invoking innerself in you. :)


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