Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Italian Connection: Sania - The Scapegoat

There is yet another controversy involving tennis player Sania Mirza. This time she is accused for demeaning the Indian national flag by putting her foot on a guitar painted in tricolour in an advertisement for Lotto. There is a clipping of the protests in Hyderabad being broadcast on Indiatimes. What really caught my attention while watching the online report was a banner held by a burkha clad woman which read, "WHY WAS THE FOOT THAT WORE LOTTO SHOES NOT STEP ON ITALIAN FLAG? - BRIGADE"

What is noteworthy here? Then see, This protest was led by Rahul Priyanka Youth Brigade. And Lotto is an Italian company! Does that light the bulb?

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  1. Great post on Sania
    . keep up the good work.


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