Friday, November 14, 2008

MIP Lands on the Moon Surface

The first impression of Indian expedition is made on the moon by the successful landing of the Moon Impact Probe (MIP) over the moon surface at 8.31 pm. The probe was dropped from the Chandrayaan-I traveling in the moon orbit from a distance of approximately 100 km. During twenty two minutes descent towards the surface, MIP, with its four sides painted with tricolour, has taken pictures of the moon which will be made available on Saturday. I join all my fellow Indian citizens in the eagerness to see some of those pictures. It is also said that the landing and the subsequent tests taken up by MIP will help validate the landing systems which are being developed by ISRO. With the successful landing of MIP, India joins the USA, the erstwhile USSR and European Union to achieve this success. It is such a proud moment for our country and our scientist fraternity.

The following pictures are published by ISRO those are sent by MIP during its descent towards moon surface.

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