Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Follow the blog through Follower's Widget

Blogger.com team has come up with one good widget. It enables you to follow new posts on my blog. This way it will save some of my energy to tell you that "hey, only recently I've updated my blog!". It also will help me to know about you. All that you have to do is to click on the "Follow this blog" on a small widget present in the sidebar and follow the instructions. If you're a blogger or have your own website, then you can expect some visitors jumping to your blog from the list of followers. Just in case you don't want to reveal your identity and still want to get updates about my blog, you can follow my posts anonymously.

I recently came across two very interesting and funny but insightful images while browsing web. The first one speaks volumes about the cricket mania prevailing in Indian subcontinent. The action of a protester hurling a stone is akin to a furious fast bowler and it seems as if the policeman is trying to punish the 'bowler' by sending his 'delivery' across the fence.

Image courtesy: eSakal.com

The second one is more about our addiction to the internet and it emphasizes the need to give internet a break once in a while.

Source unknown

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