Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sarvatmaka Sarveshwara

An humble attempt to sing Bhairavi to conclude a musical program by Marathi Mitra Mandal IIT Madras at Maharashtra Mandal Chennai during Ganeshotsav 2006. Shri. Rajendra Sakhale accompanying on tabla.

सर्वात्मका सर्वेश्वरा, गंगाधरा शिवसुंदरा।
जे जे जगी जगते तया, माझे म्हणा करूणा करा॥
आदित्य या तिमिरात व्हा, ऋग्वेद या हॄदयात व्हा।
स्रुजनत्व द्या, द्या आर्यता, अनुदारिता दुरिताहरा॥
सर्वात्मका सर्वेश्वरा॥

English Translation of Sarvatmaka Sarveshwara

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  1. I don't have anything to say...I am at loss for words. Can't wait for the live performance some day. :)


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