Thursday, June 05, 2008

Divinity in Disguise

From Picnic to Ann...

One day I found myself alongside an Eagle,
There with ordinary creatures he was to mingle.

Soon I found that the spite had not touched him,
Nor his gleaming eyes had become pale and dim.

He had to share 'the small world' with so many others.
But he asked me to click my device and squeaked, "Who bothers!"

I soon noticed that he had managed to keep his grace.
He was the divinity in disguise, and nothing else!



  1. Is the writer P.V.Dudhgaonkar??? If yes, pls pass on my regards to him :)

  2. A very interesting little piece in poetry, that goes to show how the writer can derive immense joy and insight from small things. The Indian Eagle is indeed a majestic bird, it's grace comparable to the Royal Bengal Tiger or the Gir Lion. Kudos to the writer for capturing it in frame as well as words! :-)

  3. Hi kavita tuzyatil samvedanshilata dakhawate!!!!!
    Asech lihit raha.............
    Asawari Waikar


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