Friday, July 14, 2006

Franchois Gautier says "Arise Again, O India!"

Not very often we come across a good forwarded email. But today I got an email message containing an article titled "Where is Shivaji of Modern India?". The article is thought provoking and the subject struck cords with my interest which is History of India. Although the article discusses the terrorism faced by India it has got many indirect relevance to the history of India, the history that is taught and the history that is being studied and revealed by some European authors.

I had attended a lecture by French atuthor Michel Danino at IIT Madras three years back. There he explained how the theory of Aryan Invasion is imposed on India and how the theory is wrong. He has authored a book also "The Invasion That Never Was" on this subject. His lecture at IIT Madras on Sindhu-Saraswati valley civilization was an eye-opener where he not only claimed but supported his claims with archaeological evidences.

Now this time the article mentioned earlier is written by another French author Franchois Gautier. Out of curiosity I visited his official website and came to know his authority on the subject. I was simply amused by his study and his revealations. His website hosts many of his articles and books which are written in English and one can download any of them in .rtf and .doc format. I have just started reading his books "Arise Again, O India!" and "Rewriting Indian History".


  1. very interesting and informative! Really surprised to note that a french has taken so much interest in decoding the mysteries of our nations' history

  2. great one...i have read only few 10's of pages...but too good....We have to be proud on ourselve for being indians....Great going friend...Thanks a LOT


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