Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Fish and the Chick

Thirukalukundram is also known as Pakshi Teertha.

The purpose of posting these photographs is to bring to everybody's notice that even the holy places like Pakshi Teertha are not spared by the pollution of ponds that is posing danger to the natural habitat. Dead fish is the result of the pollution. The sache of shampoo is an evidence (one among many) of carelessness shown by people that leads to deterioration of water quality leading to death of the aqatic vertaebrates.


  1. vidaarak phoTo.. changla Tipla ahes.. btw, he pakShi teertha kuThe ahe?

  2. Pakshi Teertha (Tirth) - Thirukalukundram - I corrected the spelling in the post just some time back - is near Mahabalipuram.


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