Friday, July 08, 2005

We attend first Senate Meeting

Senate Meeting was attended by RAS and AAS along with me.

  • Whereever felt we shared our comments.
  • In the reporting of MoMs of Prize Distributin Committee one point was missing. I had suggested constituting some kind of award/prize for MS students as there is no provision at present. It was well received and committee had decided to recommend it to Senate. I brought this omission to Senate's notice. The Director and DoAR replied saying such awards can be thought of. I take it as a verbal commitment.
  • There has been increases in various fees in the proposal of a committee constitued for revision of fees. One of them happens to be the advance payment of Rs 8000 per semister as dining charges. This decision falls inline with some other IITs. I have expressed our difficulty in this onetime payment as the notice period for the payment, most likely beginning of new semister, is too small. I have mentioned in my speach that one time payment is going to be a big problem to all of us including myself. Director has assured that individual cases will certainly be given due consideration.
  • The same committe has proposed fees hike to Rs 500 from existing Rs 100 for making duplicate ID card. DoS has clarified that as Smart Cards will be introduced this fees has to be increased and the proposed amount is the cost of the card. This is quite reasonable explaination.

Still there remain a few things to be addressed. One of them is the lab contingency fees. It is increased to Rs 2500 per semister. This fee is renamed to the fees for internet and computational facilities.

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