Thursday, July 14, 2005

Advance payment

There has been a notice put up in hostels saying all students have to pay in advance the dining charges of Rs 8000 per semester in the beginning of the semester. We are told that this is decided bring administrative convenience and to recur the deficits in accounts arisen due to the delay of around two months for the bill amount collected from students. Considering cost of Rs 2000 per month per student the figure of 8000 is arrived at.

When this was informed during the senate meeting, I had asked the Director and Deans if this change was really necessary. They confirmed its necessity citing reasons mentioned earlier. I also had asked about the possibility of making first payments in installments which was straight way ruled out. Then I expressed my apprehension of the very short notice given to students and told that it is going to be impossible for even myself to pay this amount in lump sum at the end of this month. Then Director answered saying individual cases will be considered certainly. But I could not have any more headway in this matter.

Now this sudden announcement has aroused considerable panic amongst the student body. This is largely due a very short period given to the students for the first payment. This prominently came up in a meeting with students’ secretaries where most of them expressed that the present system of monthly payment should be continued. After this meeting, I met DoS where RAS also had joined me. We again discussed the matter and presented the concern of student body. In reply, DoS has said that he has to discuss this matter with other authorities and he will come back to us soon.

In a separate meeting this afternoon, DoS has stated that he has understood the problem of the bulk payment. Since this matter is so much troublesome to students he is going to discuss it with Director for a way out. Let’s hope for a better situation.

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  1. Hi prasad..
    Great that u r posting your official work on a blog. Insti, thro its dumb and infrequent IPs, does not convey the entire picture to us. Hope ur blog does that. And keep mess-fess thing updated.. will sure help a lot of us!


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