Friday, January 12, 2007

Photograph of the day - People

A girl on the sea-shore

I sighted this girl almost from thirty-forty feet, when she was sitting still in the dark with only light from the street lamps reaching her. Incidentally I could see the lights from a ship that was sailing on horizon. It was evident from the sight the girl was not from the native land. I imagined state of her mind and thoughts and to present them I caught her in my camera. I framed the scene in such a way that the ship and the girl came in opposite corners of the frame to show even as she might be thinking about her dear one or her family or her motherland which was oceans apart she is still there away from home - a fact that she was aware of. Exposure of 1 s made camera see more than my eyes could perceive as the photograph shows a hint of blueness of the sky, the colours of lamps on the ship, the waves in sea, the rocks on shore and the girl herself.

Place: Pondicherry (on east coast of India), March 2005
Camera: Canon Powershot A80
Exposure: 1 s, f/4.5, ISO400

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