Sunday, December 10, 2006

Belated happy anniversary to my Machismo

In last few days, my mind was occupied by too many things and that might be the reason that I forgot about my Machismo's third anniversary which was on 5th December. I bought this motorcycle, which is often termed as the beast, three years back and started was a new chapter in my riding experience and an altogether new philosophy of living life. Sooner my dear beast, musculine should it be called, was labled as the beauty because of her enviable looks (Neighbours envy. Owners pride!). I know it's strange combination of virtues but then those who have seen this beauty will understand what I really mean. The adjecent picture, taken at some a distance of 500 odd kilometers from Chennai on the way to Munnar, will give you an idea for sure. Since when she has come in my possession, she has been a very loyal and very realiable (and only) companion of mine on roads measuring thousands of kilometers. Thanks for everything Machismo! I am sure that my association with my you will last till my last breath and till we cover at least a million kilometers together!!!

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