Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Bullet Effect

Again it has been a long while after I have posted on the blog... almost six weeks they are. Anyway I had not much to share except a weekend trip to Chenkottai (Shengottai) with Radha Mausi and Neeraja a week back. I will put a link to some photographs here if I get permission from Neeraja to do so. Any way it was a great time there.

One of the reasons for not writing here was the condition of bike. Somehow transport people managed to drop some unknown consignment, probably a heavy one, on the bike and the bike needed some attention. Last week I got most of the problems on the bike fixed. What a great feeling it was to get the shape of the machismo back! I am feeling rejuvenated. (So much that on Saturday I went on a quick ride to Mabalipuram but the ride ended at the Servicing Station. I will write about this ride a little later.)

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