Saturday, August 06, 2005

Meeting of Members of All Hostel Councils and EW

We had a meeting with members of all hostel councils, executive wing, GCU, Council of Wardons and DoS. The purpose was to take a proactive action in order to curb ragging. Overall it was a very essential step towards addressing this problem.

As a followup of that I have started visiting hostels. After dinner I had a round of Godavari and Ganga hostels.


  1. hey dude get a grip .... i guess u r takin this raging thing real seriously. i understand tht it's ur job to keep freshie's safe frm ne kinda physical harrassment n all but wat do u intend to do by takin rounds of hostel n all ???
    see the problemn now atleast in my hostel is tht a senior is afraid to interact with fresher's cuz if ne one reports even a normal introduction as ragin then the senoir in question is nearly dead !!!
    hey i hope tht u do understand tht a freshie should give some respect to his senior !!! but nw wat happens in this case is the arrogant frshie's don't bother to care fer a senior cuz they knw they always have the raggin tool in their hand !
    hey in our first year there was no raging squad n we didn't hv ne reports of serious raging or fatal accidents due to raging
    u peep made the system a bit strict there by giving fresher a bit of freedom and bang u hd an accident !!
    and this it crossed bounds man ... third day of the sem n ur system has caught 8 peep redhanded { pretty big names in tht } fer wat ?? some kinda of mental harrassment , man take it easy
    if there is no intro between sr. n jr. u can never inculcate hostel spirits , n i don't think u wud want iit to miss on such an important aspect


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