Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Action Taken and Action to be Taken for Improved Internet Access

I received email from Prof TAG just sometime back. The mail goes like this.

Earlier, 3 proxies were being used for the Academic Zone and only one for the Hostel Zone. Sreekumar (with help from Dinil of DONlab) discovered that part of the problem was that the Hostel Proxy was overloaded and hence delaying/losing requests. This caused access to even local websites and smail to be slow. He then reconfigured the proxies so that the Hostel zone shares 2-3 proxies. This would have caused the improvement that you experienced.

In the next day or two, Sreekumar will configure the proxies to change the Internet bandwidth allocation as follows:

Academic zone:
7 a.m. - midnight: 3x2 Mb/s
midnight - 7 a.m: 1x2 Mb/s + 2x2Mb/s shared
Hostel zone:
7 a.m. - midnight: 1x2 Mb/s
midnight - 7 a.m: 1x2 Mb/s + 2x2Mb/s shared

This should further improve the download speed for external websites during the late night hours. One of the Shastra coords from EE Department had met me last week regarding their website access. If he is still having a problem after these changes, ask him to meet me again.


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