Wednesday, October 17, 2012

वृंदावनी वेणू वाजे

vrndaavani veNu vaje
वृंदावनी वेणू वाजे
veNu = flute
Someone is playing flute at Vrundavan.

veNu kawaNaa samayi vaaje...
वेणू कवणा समयी वाजे...
For whom is he playing flute?

veNu naad gowardhanu gaaje...
वेणू नादे गोवर्धनु गाजे ...
The melody of his flute has enveloped the whole mountain Gowardhan.

puccha pasaruna mayura viraje
पुच्छ पसरुनी मयूर विराजे
Peacock has spread his train of feathers

maja paahaata bhaasati yaadava raaje...
मज पाहता भासती यादवराजे...
I am so mesmerized by the flute that even in those brilliantine feathers I see only Shri Krishna.

truNa chaaraa chaaru visaralee
तृण चाराचरू विसरली
It's not only me who is lost. Listening to music, cow has given up grazing.

gaayi vyaaghra eka Thaayi jhaale...
गाई व्याघ्र एकठायी झाली...
Not only that she is now standing with a tiger who too has forgotten his original nature and is intently listening to the melody.

pakShee kuLe niwanta raahilee
पक्षीकुळे निवांत राहिली
Birds are not cawing nor chirping nor screeching.

vaira bhaava samuLa visaralee...
वैरभाव समूळ विसरली...
They all have left animosity, hatred past them. Such is the effect!

dhwani manjuLa manjuLa umaTatee
ध्वनी मंजुळ मंजुळ उमटती
Sound in air is so sweet to ears.

waakee ruNuzuNu ruNuzuNu waazatee...
वाकी रुणूझुणू रुणूझुणू वाजती...
वाकी are making delicate sound.
वाकी is an ornament worn on arm. It makes sound when arm is moved.

deva vimanee baisonee stuti gaatee
देव विमानी बैसुनी स्तुती गाती
From sky, God(s) watching the scene at Vrindavan is (are) singing Shri Krishna's praise. Only he has been able to do this all I am witnessing!

bhaanudaasaa Thaawalee prem bhakti...
भानुदासा ठावली प्रेमभक्ती...
Now that I have seen all this improbable, I, Bhanudas, have learnt what the loving devotion is.

Also watch this video. It too gives meaning with the original song.

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