Monday, March 01, 2010

Hidden treasure

Dew drops on the grass blades on the bank of River Panchaganga

Travelling teaches us a number of things. One among them is finding joy in those thing which are at your immediate disposal but you have taken them for granted and have ignored. Sometimes interesting places to travel to are found just next to your neighbourhood. You only have to look for them. When you find and visit these places, you are left spellbound.

Curiously enough, the life too is not much different than this. The things you are searching for a long while are floating around you. And suddenly on one fine morning (or on evening or on, possibly, night), you identify them with their utility to you or a relation which was earlier hidden to you. And realise that that was what you had been looking for since so long! Morale of the paragraph is "look around with curious eyes" and "keep looking".

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