Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V-day wishes

here comes the day which is not mine,
as i dont have any valentine.
things happened in the past which are not fine.
rainy days for me even when the sun shine.

no girl to propose,
no aroma of rose,
no chance for my bike to give lift,
no special person to give gift.
no miss is there to miss
no experience of kiss.
no dinner in the moon light.
no chance to have the day bright.

even though i dont fall in love
i will always bow to love.
wishing great time to people who are in love

"wish u a happy valentines day"

Despite mention of bike and all that stuff, I wish to state that this is not my composition. I have borrowed it from my friend's email. Nevertheless I can forward your sympathy messages to him if you send any. :-)
- Prasad

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