Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Photograph of the day - Nature (Landscapes), Travel

On the way to Mumbai, via Pune - Mumbai Express Way, this snap was taken a few kilometers before entering Lonavala (near famus Khandala) through glass pane of the bus window. This itself is popular hill station. This trip was a part of my visit to various places in Western Maharastra (my home state) in which I travelled total 3800 km by road (bus/car/untility vehicle/motorcycle) as a change from routine train journey. Obviously this travel was spread over two rainy weeks around mid-July of 2004.

It was around 10 in morning and it was raining outside. I have added a blue tint at the top of the image to suppress the brighness of the clouds over the hills. The same effect could be obtained by attaching a graded blue filter (1/4th) to the lens.

Camera: Vivitar 3800 N 35 mm SLR. Exposure details were not recorded. Kodak ISO 400 film was used.

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