Thursday, May 11, 2006

Photos taken earlier

While browsing through the yahoo mail, I reached My Attachments, a new facility yahoo offers now to directly access attachments to your emails. When doing that I somehow recalled that I had a few albums uploaded on yahoo photos. It was pleasure to revisit some of these photos and recollecting memories of the excursions I had during stay in PuNe and also in initial two years of my stay in Chennai. I invite you to watch these photos at

The site contains a few albums, each made up of photographs taken in separate trips.

These all photos are taken while taking initial lessons in photography in Ekalavya's way. So some photos might have flaws, rather many have flaws, but I won't reveal which one.:-) Many could have been taken in a better ways and I will be delighted to get any comment on them.

Vivitar V3800N SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera, 28 - 70 mm lens, 400 ASA film. Flash gun and tripod is NEVER used.


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  2. hey prasd photographs are great......some photographs are awsome.......natur is really beutiful


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